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Recruitment Funnels: What can they tell you?

When it comes to hiring trends, your recruitment funnel can tell you a lot, says chartered psychologist Claire Crisp. The Head of Assessment Design at Shortlister recommends analysing conversion data from recruitment funnels to improve efficiency. In her FREE Guide To The Recruitment Funnel, she explains how you can benefit from better hiring decisions and save money by improving the performance of your recruitment processes.

The guide, which outlines the key elements of a typical recruitment funnel, offers tips on how to use data to increase effectiveness at each stage of the hiring process. It explains what a recruitment funnel is and how you can improve it for better hiring results.

Recruitment stages under the microscope

By examining data from every stage of the hiring process, your recruitment funnel can be fine-tuned to deliver a streamlined approach that will drive up quality while cutting costs. Claire says, recruitment funnel data can aid talent attraction, application capture and screening, through to the offer stage.

“There are many elements of your funnel that you should look at in more detail and Shortlister’s guide to recruitment funnels explains what they are,” she said. “For example, you could look at your data to see if it can help you maximise your conversion rate at the last stage of your assessment process. Can you reduce the number of candidates you need to assess at your final assessment stage, so reducing your time and costs?”

Tips you can use to increase efficiency

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your recruitment funnel, Shortlister’s guide offers practical tips that you can use straight away. It even shows you how to identify patterns and use data to your advantage.

Want to know more about recruitment funnels? Download the free guide here.

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