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Wiley Success Story

Wiley has transformed the structure of their recruitment process for the better using Shortlster’s innovative Video Interviewing solution.

This success story explores how Wiley were able to achieve:


Who are ?

Wiley is a global publishing brand employing 5,200 people and has sites in 48 locations around the globe.

Jon Wynn, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, talks about how Recruitment innovated to improve the service they offer to their hiring managers.

Their recruitment landscape

Jon Wynn comments, Wiley are a growing company that employs a lot of tactical people, therefore when it comes to recruitment, time is of the essence. Talent Acquisition supports it’s Hiring Managers by providing them with a selection of tools and our skills to help attract and manage the candidate’s journey from first application to job offer.

1. A 400% improvement in conversion rates

We have been able to predict much better who will go on to get hired. An example of this, in a single campaign, 25 candidates were shortlisted and 15 of them went on to be hired, that’s better than a 2:1 conversion rate when Shortlister was used. To provide some context, for requisitions where Shortlister wasn’t used we are achieving an 8:1 conversion rate so that represents a 4x improvement.

This impacts us positively when we are paying travel expenses for candidates.

We need this level of certainty to ensure that we are not incurring travel expenses for unsuitable candidates.


2. The average time to hire has reduced by 15 days.

Our applicants are typically employed and this makes the initial assessment difficult to schedule. Organising interviews was taking 2 weeks on average. Using Shortlister allows the candidate to quickly engage in early stages of the process as we do not need to host the initial interview.


3. A 6x increase of Hiring Manager’s using Shortlister in just 10 months

The number of vacancies that Shortlister supports has grown from 5% to 30% in just ten months. This is an impressive stat given that Hiring Manager’s have the autonomy to decide which tools to use to assess candidates. Word of mouth is driving that growth, with more Hiring Managers turning to Shortlister, having heard colleagues talk about the solutions ease of use and the impressive stats outlined in the points above.

What’s next for Wiley?

Recognising that the majority of applicants completing Shortlister interviews report that they have more positive feelings towards Wiley. Further investing in our employer brand is the obvious next step given how widely Shortlister is now being used in our organisation.

Shortlister interviews give us the ability to showcase our culture and working environment throughout the interview process which we know helps retain talent in our pipeline.




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