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How To Optimise Your Recruitment Funnel

Do you know how many applicants you need to find the right hire for each vacancy? Data from your recruitment funnel can tell you – and much more. According to chartered psychologist Claire Crisp, conversion rates can be improved by optimising the recruitment funnel. She is the author of a new free guide, Optimising Your Recruitment Funnel, which is published by Shortlister.

The aim with any recruitment funnel is to fill the top of the funnel with high-quality candidates at sufficient volumes to ensure you can fill your vacancies, she says. This applies to all recruitment whether volume or specialist and it does not happen by chance. There are many interventions you can make once you track and analyse the specific conversion rates within your funnel.

Improving your conversion rates

Each stage of the hiring process can be improved to increase conversion rates. That means every element of your recruitment funnel can perform better and deliver higher quality results. Claire, Head of Assessment Design at Shortlister, says

optimising recruitment funnels not only improves conversion rates – it makes the hiring process more efficient and less costly.
Driving specific improvements and conducting analysis gives you evidence and justification that your sifting process is working effectively, she explains. “It also allows you to tweak your predictions for the number of applications you need for one hire.

The step-by-step guide to optimising recruitment funnels

Shortlister’s Guide To Optimising Your Recruitment Funnel is packed with top tips and valuable advice. It offers practical solutions to often time-consuming issues that affect the quality of decision-making and waste time. Discover how data from recruitment funnels can help you raise benchmarks and reduce the number of candidates needed for face-to-face assessments to fill vacancies. Find out how, by optimising your recruitment funnel, you can reduce costs associated with hiring.

If you want to streamline your recruitment process from attraction streams to making a job offer, register and read today. 

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