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Why Video Interview for Graduate Recruitment?

Is the overload in graduate recruitment holding your organisation back? Discover how to give your recruitment process the competitive edge. Our guide to video interviews explains the cost, time and conversion benefits.

Learn how to put your recruitment on a par with global brands. Beat your competitors to the best talent.

Speed up your hiring process 

Video interviews can help your organisation fill vacancies quickly. This guide will show you how to engage the best graduates first and improve conversion rates.

“Video interviewing has been proven to reduce the length of the recruitment process and delivers candidates to the face to face stage more quickly than other methods. Through the introduction of video interviews Wiley successfully cut 15 days from their time to hire. This saved time could be crucial in securing the top gaduates.”

Improve the candidate experience 

Discover how your organisation can improve the candidate experience and boost perceptions of your brand.

“The experience surpassed expectations for over half of the graduates applying to the commercial property agency GVA with 24% reporting that the experience was much better than they had anticipated. The important consideration here is ensuring that you proactively manage candidates’ expectations and experiences.”

Your guide to video interviews and graduate recruitment 

Shortlister’s step-by-step guide offers you a practical solution to the graduate recruitment crisis. It is packed with the latest statistics and valuable tips. Graduate recruitment doesn’t have to be a headache. Use this guide to discover how you can gain an advantage in this highly competitive area of recruitment.

Learn how to speed up the recruitment process, improve conversion rates and give applicants the best interview experience.

If you want to drive better graduate recruitment, register and read today.


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