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Recruitment Training: Top tips for countering bias when interviewing

If you have a connection to the hiring process, it is important not to lose sight of how bias can impact the decision-making process. That is why Shortlister has a published a new FREE guide on Countering Bias. Written by industry expert Claire Crisp, the guide aims to help hiring organisations combat the effects of bias through robust, consistent processes.

With top tips on how to take practical steps to counter bias in interviews, this guide reveals proven ways to reduce risks associated with recruitment. Each tip puts hiring managers in a stronger position to defend any challenge to the interview process.

Practical steps to eliminate bias from recruitment

With a strong emphasis on the interview structure, Top Tips for Countering Bias When Interviewing explains what steps your organisation can take to guarantee consistency and fairness. Claire, a chartered psychologist with a global reputation for recruitment design, says: “This guide explains why introducing structure to interviews and rating guides counters bias. Inconsistencies in the hiring process are major factors when it comes to poor decision-making and risk. That is why this guide focuses on the benefits of adopting a consistent, streamlined approach that uses methodology to eliminate bias.”

The guide outlines three fundamental areas hiring organisations should focus on to counter bias when interviewing. It outlines how structured interview processes can easily be implemented as well as the steps that can be taken to negate the impact of bias.

How to counter bias when interviewing

Top Tips for Countering Bias When Interviewing examines positive and negative behaviours in oral communication, training and time. It also explains how structure can be introduced and maintained with video interviewing. With in-depth pointers on how to structure interviews, this guide is a must-read for anyone concerned about bias in recruitment.

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