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A Guide To The Use Of AI In Recruitment

Do you think the use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms will drive quality recruitment decisions and save time? Will it minimise legal risks? It is time to consider how you achieve these benefits with technology that is still in its infancy. Shortlister’s guide to the use of AI in recruitment sets out the challenges.

“For organisations that receive an overwhelming number of applications, AI has the potential to automate the screening of first round interviews to derive time and cost savings. This is the ideal application for AI as it is only through processing vast quantities of data that its intelligence will grow and its value increase. Applying AI to small data sets can lead to unexpected results, so take caution.”

Implementation and Monitoring

This guide takes a practical approach to emerging technologies. How has the AI system been trained to recognise candidates with the potential to succeed in the target role? What was this training based on?

“AI systems can only attend to information that they have been trained to interpret and therefore the quality of automated decision making will only be as good as this training. We recommend undertaking a profiling exercise as part of implementation to ensure there is objective and accurate understanding of what makes a great performer in the target role.”

A no-fuss guide to AI in recruitment

From ROI to important conclusions, this Shortlister guide brings the benefits and challenges of AI into sharp focus. It sets out, in easy-to-understand language, the practicalities and dangers AI presents.

If you want to learn about AI in recruitment from an expert’s perspective, this guide is an invaluable resource.

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