Survey results bust myths of Video Interviewing

A new survey has revealed what job applicants really think of Video Interviewing. And the results are surprising. With bespoke branding and candidate experience must-have elements of successful recruiting in a challenging jobseeker market, Video Interviewing has become the buzzword for efficiency. But is it effective?

More than 2,500 real job applicants took part in a survey to share their views after using the software. Conducted by Shortlister, the UK’s leading independent supplier of Video Interviewing technology, the results highlight why hiring organisations consider the software the premium recruitment tool of 2018.

As well as busting myths, the survey results give a clear picture of how candidates rate Video Interviewing technology. In particular, the survey highlights how their perceptions of hiring organisations changed after their interview. If you have been considering using Video Interview software yourself, the results are essential reading.

Video Interviewing rated for experience

Out of 2,530 people surveyed by Shortlister, 2,522 answered the question: Now that you’ve completed your interview, how would you describe the experience… Of those, 1,169 said the experience was ‘better‘ or ‘much better‘ than expected which represents 77% of the candidates that expressed an opinion. 

These results show how Video Interviewing software is helping hiring organisations to improve the candidate experience. As well as making initial interviews accessible to applicants, the technology is giving recruiters the chance to promote brands and significantly improve the overall interview experience for applicants.

Perceptions of brands sky rocket

Amy CaruanaOut of 2,530 surveyed, 2,523 answered the question: Has your perception of the hiring company changed at all? More than 1,471 (58%) of respondents said the Video Interviewing experience had made them feel more positive about the hiring company. 

Shortlister says the survey results bust the myths about Video Interviewing. In fact, they highlight the significant benefits of using Video Interviewing software. Amy Caruana, from the Shortlister Customer Success Team comments: “We are passionate about improving the hiring experience for both applicants and recruiters. That is why we have developed software that appeals to the best talent, improves perceptions of brands and makes recruitment a quicker, more cost-effective process for everyone.

“While the survey results come as no surprise to us, they certainly bust some myths that have held hiring organisations back in the race to engage the best talent.”

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