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Smart recruiters identify top talent faster with Shortlister video interviews

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Safeguard hiring managers
from unsuitable applicants

Shortlister interviews uncover all of the interpersonal qualities you would assess in in-person interviews without the cost and complexity of hosting them.

Unlock more time for
talent attraction

Whether you are interviewing 10 people across the globe or 1,000 people over a weekend, Shortlister manages the interview process end-to-end giving you more time to focus on talent attraction.

Accelerate your selection

Aligning diaries stops the momentum in your process dead. Shortlister removes the need for scheduling completely and places applicants in-front of your hiring managers instantly.

Instantly share for a
second opinion

Shortlister interviews enable your hiring managers to select applicants as a team, without ever setting foot in the same room - and gives them 100% flexibility in when and where they review interviews.

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Safeguard hiring managers<br>from unsuitable applicants Supporting Image Unlock more time for<br> talent attraction Supporting Image Accelerate your selection<br> process Supporting Image Instantly share for a<br> second opinion Supporting Image

Quality assured

"Shortlister allows us to identify a higher quality of candidate because we can share them with a whole pool of hiring managers - and not base our decisions on a single person's rating."


Nielsen transitioned from telephone interviews to Shortlister - click the video to learn more.

It connects us

"Shortlister gives us much more confidence in our selection decisions at the first round as we can connect the interview we have already seen to the person we are meeting face to face."

Vaios Dimoragas, Hiring Manager

A hiring manager talks us through the impact of adopting Shortlister - click the video to hear more.

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